Well, Actually…

“Well, Actually… The Mansplaining Faerie Simulator” (also called “Hey, Listen!) is a light-hearted digital stress toy. The Mansplination Faerie will float around you in augmented reality, offering information about places nearby or other random opinions. To dismiss one of his offerings, you simply smack him with your phone, which is oddly satisfying.

No longer available on Google Play 🙁

Disclaimer: Opinions about nearby locations are pulled from Internet review sources (source indicated beneath the text) and do not reflect those of the creator or publisher of this app.

Privacy Policy

This app uses your device’s camera and location services functions to offer you an augmented reality experience with information about places nearby you in the real world. This information is NOT shared with the creators or anyone else.
This app also collects basic, anonymous usage info and crash reports so that we can improve upon it. This information is not shared with any advertisers or other nefarious types.