VRTO — Presenting Manimal Sanctuary!

For the last half year or I’ve been secretly colluding with the folks at Postopian Games to help bring to life “Manimal Sanctuary”, an interactive story/post-apocalyptic lurking simulator for Google Cardboard.

We’ll be showing the game publicly for the first time at VRTO 2017 (Virtual & Augmented Reality World Conference & Expo 2017) this coming weekend. On Monday (June 22) I’ll be joining designer Jim Munroe on stage to talk about about the game and our experiences making it.

Details for the Talk:
VTRO: Manimal Sanctuary: Dev Notes from a Lurking Simulator

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On Poking Mangos

I sorta forgot that I had a website. Here’s some fun tidbits from a talk I did last fall about augmented reality.

Straight-forward example of gyroscope & camera view to achieve visual AR similar to that in Pokémon GO.

Bespoke á Mango
Marker-based AR tracking using the tried and true Vuforia plugin.

Bokeh Mango
The same type of tracking but applied to what I call the “magic window” effect.

Okay, Mango!
3D markers because we can!

Polka Mango
Some markerless fun with Kudan. Easily broken but oh so compelling!

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