Steam Greenlight: Because Why Not

Shu’s Garden for PC/Mac is out there in the wild and you can totally buy it for $5 or name-your-price at But did you also know that we submitted the game to Steam Greenlight?

Yes, the premiere digital store for PC games has an interesting community-voting system through which small indie titles like ours can gain admission to the store. Steam has an enormous customer base, so that could potentially translate into a Very Big Boost in exposure and sales for us. You can help us out, too — all it takes is for you to have a Steam account and click “yes” or “no” on our Greenlight page.

Can Shu’s Garden, a weird cutesy non-game space-garden playground thing, get voted onto one of the most hardcore gaming stores out there? Well, no, probably not. But there didn’t seem to be too much harm in trying 🙂

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